t15 w16w canbus

The Guide to Update SKODA KODIAQ Reverse Light

SKODA KODIAQ versions in the Chinese market are real estate with single reserve light, while KAROQ, Octavia, Superb are developed with double book light. Single book light suffices for the hatchback lorry yet does not fit the large automobile body of SUV layout. It is not intense sufficient as a caution signal and also the back lighting.

The back light of SKODA KODIAQ in Europe market is constructed by Valeo. It consists of book light and fog light, which can be brought from the purchasing internet and can be installed right into the automobile straight but with a little expensive. This kind of rear light can conserve great deals of time for whom do not want to make the hand-operated retrofit.

The second method for substitute is to use led get light, yet it requires to open up the rear light housing and drill a hold on the reflector bowl to fix the led light bulb. The rear light is sealed by cold adhesive which needs to bake in the stove in order to open the assembly. Then place the w16w canbus LED bulb in the real estate, the power of the w16w LED light bulb requirement to get to about 5W to see to it is the very same power as the ideal side book light.

The setup of the get light is as listed below:

1. Discover out the right placement and also pierce a hold to ensure the size of the hold can fit the 12v w16w bulb base

2. There will certainly be great deals of scraps in the reflector, so it requires to tremble out from the reflector after drilling. and afterwards placing the T15 led light bulb right into the reflector, and use something such as protected rubber tape to obstruct the hold so that it can seal with hot thaw glue conveniently.

3. The base wiring should go across the plastic cover for water-proof.

4. Wiring requires to connect to the best back-up light cable straight, it is extremely simple that. Locate out the best back-up light wiring harness, the positive pole is dark blue, the earth wire is brownish, attach the expansion cable to the two cables.

Now the installation is done, activate the reserve light, it is brighter than in the past.